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How long does it take to launch my fund?

Approximately 4 weeks

Will my fund be regulated?

Yes, by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority

Will my fund be audited?

Yes, by a CIMA approved auditor. Audited financial statements must be filed within 6 months after the financial year end.

Will my fund be subject to taxation?

The Cayman Islands does not have any taxation. Zero capital gains tax, zero corporation tax, zero income tax, zero dividend tax, zero witholding tax.

Why launch my fund on the platform?

Significant cost and time savings plus leveraging our expertise in launching and operating funds here in Cayman. Given that there are ever increasing compliance and regulatory reporting requirements, outsourcing to a professional firm such as ours, enables fund managers to focus on core areas such as raising capital, risk management and managing the strategy of the fund.

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